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New cover art by Katie Green for Bad Endings (That’s a link to Chapters, but I highly recommend pre-ordering through your friendly neighbourhood bookseller), my short story collection. Katie is so talented, and she was one of my co-travellers on the Peel Watershed trip! I’m lucky to know her, and so happy that she agreed to do the art for my first book. Forthcoming, March 2017.


Growing Room Literary Festival

What a huge honour to be included in Room Magazine’s first feminist literary festival, Growing Room. So many great women and powerful voices on this playbill, with talks and readings and workshops all weekend. Taking place March 11-12.

Check out the playbill on Room’s site, or read about the festival in the Georgia Straight, and follow them on the Twitters @roommagazine to keep up to date.

49th Shelf Spring Preview

Thanks to 49th Shelf for including Bad Endings in their spring 2017 preview! This is the year of the short story, tell yer mother and yer sister and yer sister’s friends.

Check out the whole list, which includes Daniel Zomparelli’s Everything is Awful and you’re a Terrible Person, which I’m certainly looking forward to, and many more!

They mentioned us on the Twitter!


Thanks to Globe Books editor Mark Medley for the nod on Twitter! Bad Endings is coming out this March. Look for it in your favourite neighbourhood bookstore, or they can pre-order for you if you’re the impatient type (no judgement).


New work in Matrix Mag.


I have not been keeping up with my Carleigh news. School is quite intense, and taking a lot of my time! I’ll try to catch up a little over Christmas, but in the meantime, here’s a pic of me & the short fiction issue of Matrix! My story, Read These Postcards in a Gonzo Journalist Voice is (very loosely) based on a 4 month trip to Thailand I took a few years ago. I said loose. So don’t ask who Julio was. Many thanks to Matrix, and I really recommend picking this one up, because it also has this year’s LitPOP winners!


Grad School

I’m starting my MFA at the University of British Columbia this fall, but I’ll still be writing reviews fairly frequently. I’m working on four of them right now in fact, so expect to see a lot of my opinions this fall. Also on deck is a piece on Katherena Vermette for the Literary Review of Canada, new fiction in Matrix and subTerrain, and the launch of my first book, Bad Endings, in spring 2017.

In creative writing your Master’s thesis is your book, which is a very practical use of time. My constantly evolving project about the Peel River trip will be the subject, natch. I figured I needed a committee for this one. In addition to my writing course load I’m taking classes in Indigenous representation, and even though class hasn’t started yet, I’ve already benefitted from the reading lists!

This is going to be great.

L.O.R. New Fiction By Jocelyn Tennant On Joyland

Though the setting will feel familiar to local readers, I kept imagining Jocelyn Tennant’s L.O.R. playing out at the resort from Dirty Dancing– all the shit going down in the background while those rich bitches navigated their coming of age. Somebody’s got to strip the beds. Wash the champagne flutes.

This writing is honest, clean, and economical. It catches hold of a moment, gives you something to chew on, and takes its leave before you’ve even swallowed. L.O.R. is proof that we could use 1000% more stories by female authors about the intricacies of female relationships, not for some kind of affirmative action head count, but because we do it better. Jocelyn certainly nails it here.

Read L.O.R. on Joyland Vancouver

Best Canadian Essays 2016


A very exciting week. Dinner With The Vittrekwas was selected for Best Canadian Essays 2016. The essay was originally published in PRISM 54:1 under the guidance of Christopher Evans, and also benefitted significantly from the editing expertise of Gary Ross. It was nominated by PRISM for a National Magazine Award for personal journalism. Many thanks to all, and to Tightrope Books, publisher of Best Canadian Essays, and editors Joseph Kertes and Christopher Doda.

Most of all, thanks to Margaret, Alice and Ernest Vittrekwa, and the people of Fort McPherson.