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Chins and Elbows

One of my favourite stories, Chins and Elbows, will be in the upcoming spring issue of subTerrain Magazine. This story has grown and developed over a period of four years, so I’m here to tell you that you must never give up on a piece you believe in. I’m thankful to Brian, Karen, Shazia and all at subTerrain, a bunch of fine folks who really speak the same language as me, and have supported me since the beginning. I’ll let you know when it’s out, and where you can pick up a copy, but I suggest getting a subscription, because they put out great work all year.

Winny McWinnerson.


Big news! I won the subTerrain magazine 2012 Lush Triumphant award for short fiction. I’m thrilled, since I’ve been mooning over the Lushies for a few years now, Imagining my words in there, next to some badass, edgy urban art. Issue # 63, check it out!