Bad Endings Reviewed in The Globe & Mail

As someone who has been writing reviews for the Globe for a few years, I can’t deny I’ve been dreaming about one day seeing my work reviewed there. I really appreciate the way Jade Colbert brought a discussion of theory and politics into her review, because it’s there, but I was worried these things might get lost in the whirlwind of messiness and emotion I was also trying to create. So many thanks to Colbert and Globe Books, for giving Bad Endings some page space!

“Baker pushes readers to reconsider their desire for resolution. Eschewing the easy, the neat, the smoothed over, allows us to consider the things about ourselves we might not like. There’s a political dimension to this. One thread running through this book is the threat of environmental collapse – drought, massive bee death, dwindling salmon stock – and humans’ awkward interventions.”

Read the full review here.

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