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Francine Cunningham’s Complex 2675 on Joyland Vancouver: Twin Peaks Meets Melrose.


Reading Francine Cunningham’s Complex 2675 reminded me of Twin Peaks: dark and surreal, with high emotional stakes edging on satire, and intense visuals. I was so taken by how visual the piece was, I contacted Cunningham (who is also a talented visual artist) to see if she was interested in providing illustrations for the story. I thought we could present Complex 2675 in a serialized format, with new episodes (or “issues”) every week for four weeks, giving readers the opportunity to revisit the lives of Mary, Gerry, Sarah, and other residents of an apartment building where everyone spends way too much time thinking about themselves or nosing around in each other’s business (so kind of like real life then). I recommend reading it with the slow pacing those old nineties TV shows had, and a sense of weird foreboding.

This is different for Joyland, since we usually publish a complete story all in one sitting. NOT THIS TIME. So, for the month of May, please enjoy a new issue of Complex 2675 EVERY MONDAY, starting today!

Bad Endings in the Hamilton Review of Books

book art back

“The online magazine Joyland — who have published two of Baker’s stories if you want a preview — say they are “pretty sure she’s the new master of relationship tragicomedy,” but I would argue that she may be master of endings, too.”

Many thanks to Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer and the Hamilton Review of Books for this very generous review of Bad Endings. My dad just emailed and told me not to go getting a big head!

Read the review here.