Grad School

I’m starting my MFA at the University of British Columbia this fall, but I’ll still be writing reviews fairly frequently. I’m working on four of them right now in fact, so expect to see a lot of my opinions this fall. Also on deck is a piece on Katherena Vermette for the Literary Review of Canada, new fiction in Matrix and subTerrain, and the launch of my first book, Bad Endings, in spring 2017.

In creative writing your Master’s thesis is your book, which is a very practical use of time. My constantly evolving project about the Peel River trip will be the subject, natch. I figured I needed a committee for this one. In addition to my writing course load I’m taking classes in Indigenous representation, and even though class hasn’t started yet, I’ve already benefitted from the reading lists!

This is going to be great.

2 thoughts on “Grad School

  1. Gord Bradshaw

    I paddled the Peel from the Dempster Highway to Ft. McPherson in 1972. This evening I was privileged to view “The Peel Project” at the Yukon Arts Centre and I’m just writing to thank you for the sense of adventure that led you to join the project, the demonstration of strength of character that got you through the tough spots, and the respect you offered to the Vittrekwas & other First Nations people you met along the way. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    1. carleigh baker Post author

      Thank you very much for this, Gord. I am forever changed by that trip, and will certainly never forget the generosity of the Vittrekwas and the people of Ft. McPherson. I really appreciate you getting in touch. Thanks.


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