Joyland Vancouver


I’m honoured and excited to be joining Joyland Mag as the Vancouver editor. I have big shoes to fill, as the fabulous Kathryn Mockler steps down to focus on Joyland Toronto, and probably a bunch of other sweet stuff. Thanks, Kathryn!
I owe a lot to Joyland, they’ve published two of my stories (shoutout also to Kevin Chong who believed in my weird little story, War of Attrition) and they’ve provided me with tons of great exposure and support.
So, polish up your best work and send it to Joyland Vancouver. Don’t send it to me personally, I’m not that organized. You know what I like: bees, spawning salmon, and apocalyptic romance, sure, but basically just tight economical prose with a ton of subtext, a sense of humour (the darker the better) and a deep appreciation of how flawed and confusing humans are.

Joyland Submission guidelines

3 thoughts on “Joyland Vancouver

  1. karenza t. wall

    congratulations carleigh baker, you have worked hard for this well deserved reward. best wishes to you, karenza t. wall


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