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I Can’t Even



How stoked am I to have been a guest on Can’t Lit?

I can’t even. Dina and Daniel hosted me on Superbowl Sunday, and we talked about chapbooks, wardrobe rage, and sexy dentists because seriously, who prefers football to those things? We had some drinks, I chucked a few F-bombs, we ate some peanut butter M&M’s because nobody was allergic, it was great. Thanks, beauties!

Listen up!



Derrick Stacey Denholm’s Ground Truthing

Ground Truthing is not just a general nod towards the importance of conservationism; Denholm’s great success lies in his ability to create genuine reader empathy for the North Coast rainforest, perhaps even in readers who haven’t spent a lot of time considering their connection to nature. A logging gaffe in which supersaturated hemlock trees were cut and dumped in the ocean only to sink to the bottom, (never to be recovered) inspires a feeling akin to the death of several beloved characters in a Game of Thrones battle scene. Such senseless waste.

Check out my review of Derrick Stacey Denholm’s Ground Truthing: Reimagining the Indigenous Rainforests of BC’s North Coast in The Goose

The Closest We’ll Get To Neon


UPDATE! Pulp Fiction has kindly offered to carry The Closest We’ll Get To Neon, so if you are looking for a copy, you’ll be able to find them at the Main Street location by this weekend, March 19th.

You’re looking at the final proof of the The Closest We’ll Get To Neon chapbook (and some Peel-related ephemera), a collection of poems inspired by my Peel River Watershed trip last year. The chapbook will be available at all screenings of the Peel Project film (dates and details as they unfold) or at any of my readings, and if you’d like me to mail you a copy just shoot me an email through the contact page.

Mega thanks to Laura Cuthbert for the art, and Derek von Essen Creative for the design and layout. Also Jon Paul Fiorentino, Roxanna Bennett and Matrix Magazine, and Garry Thomas Morse. Also, those photos were taken by Callan Field.