Victory lap.


This is a very busy week. Had a wonderful time reading at Lit POP here in Montreal a few nights ago, what a great crowd! Very thankful to the organizers and to Matrix Magazine. I’ll probably have some more exciting news to share with you about Matrix soon.

Tomorrow I’m off to Toronto (by train, which is kind of cool) to visit with Tony, Callan and Aurora, three of my buddies from the Peel trip. Tony and I will finally be in the same room together to work on our soundscape project, Confluence At Aberdeen Canyon, which will open on December 9th in the +15 hallway at the Arts Commons in Calgary. We’ll be polishing it up, recording some music and poetry, and making a few last-minute decisions before final submission.

Then it’s back to Vancouver to facilitate a breakout session at the BC Nurses Union Human Rights & Equity Conference and talk about the concepts of home, indigenous sovereignty and the politics of reconciliation in the context of the ongoing struggle for Indigenous rights and sovereignty.

And then back to my cozy cabin on Galiano to take it easy for a bit until I get back to work on the Peel book!

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