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New story on Joyland Mag.


The shipping container that is currently on fire and blanketing East Vancouver in fumes comes from China and was on its way inland. Last year, over five hundred containers of trichloroisocyanuric acid passed through the port without catching fire. Set the number of accident-free days back to zero, somebody in communications quips in an email. Calls are pouring in to the city from people with respiratory problems, claiming to be on death’s door.

Check out my new story The Modern Intimate on Joyland Magazine. Many thanks to Joyland, and especially Joyland Vancouver editor Kathryn Mockler.

Call for proposals: “White People Listening: Becoming an Effective Ally in the Process of Reconciliation.”

I’m putting together a proposal for the CCWWP Canadian Writer’s Summit in Toronto from June 15th to 19th, and I’m looking for some people who would like to be a part of a 75 minute panel presentation with me. It’s called White People Listening: Becoming an Effective Ally in the Process of Reconciliation, and its purpose is to try and convince non-indigenous people (in this case, artsy non-indigenous people) of the importance of just shutting up and listening to what indigenous elders, revolutionaries, lawyers, teachers, artists and intellectuals have to say on the subject of reconciliation. 

My goal is a presentation that is light-hearted, well-informed and empathetic. It’s not intended to be a finger-wagging lecture. Panelists could share experiences about times when listening yielded great results for them, or times they made terrible mistakes. However, you are being asked to participate as an “expert” of sorts, so I’m looking for people with a solid background in this topic. Reading and storytelling greatly encouraged. People of all backgrounds encouraged to submit.

Deadline is Nov 2nd (I know that’s soon) but all I would need from you is a SOLID commitment to participate in the conference on June 15th to 19th in Toronto, a rough statement of intent for your presentation, and a brief description of your relevant experience. Here’s the link to the info from CCWP. READ THIS FIRST before you send me anything or ask me any questions, I’m a busy lady living the dream over here on the island. Send me stuff at Please share. Thanks.