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In Conversation On Conversation: Joanne Arnott

I interviewed Joanne Arnott for EVENT magazine.

“Every time I run into Arnott, I have to resist the urge to sit at her feet and ask her to explain everything to me. Many emerging writers feel the same way when they find someone whose work they connect with. Creative writing and mentorship programs are built on this. Arnott’s intelligence is intimidating, but she’s willing to keep communication lines open between herself and readers. In fact, she gives the impression that she’d have it no other way. ”

Read more here.

Check out Joanne’s blog here.

I know I’ve been neglecting you!

Busy busy, and this month’s just going to get busier. 50 000 words into the memoir. Here’s a badass Peel photo. We’d been off the river for about four hours at this point. As you can see, I came off the Peel ready to like, wrestle some shit.

Credit: Calder Cheverie

Credit: Calder Cheverie